Dawson Little Ones

My absolute favorite is when we can just go and let kids play and I capture it.   These two little ones were awesome.  And quite the crack up.
Dawsonkids-142 copyDawsonkids-157 copyDawsonkids-129 copyDawsonkids-126 copyDawsonkids-107 copyDawsonkids-105 copyDawsonkids-104 copyDawsonkids-87 copyDawsonkids-83 copyDawsonkids-75 copyDawsonkids-63 copyDawsonkids-23 copyAt the end of the session he had to impersonate all of the marvel comic book heroes.  I could not tell which one is which.  But I was busting at the seams laughing.  I loved it.

blakecarleycollageDawsonkids-38 copy